Good working relationships are developed through hard work, great collaboration, and are based on mutual respect. We have been fortunate to have worked with some great businesses who have challenged and trusted us to deliver. Here is a partial list of past clients that did just that.



“I think it’s brilliant. A perfect complement to each brand.”
Paul Brandt, Country Musician

“They have the ability to produce award winning ads and videos. I would highly recommend Sightline!”
Glen Samson, Corporate Marketing Lead

“Sightline Studios has the best customer service and support I have seen in this business. They care about what they are doing, and that my objectives are met”
Samantha Jones, Project Manager

“Exceptional creative every time. More than a production company, they deliver astounding creative results. ”
Ryan Hill, CEO

“They work extremely hard and put everything they’ve got into every one of my projects. Absolutely spot on! ”
Dan Rite, Marketing Director